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Two Way Wooden Pallets

Suitable for items that can withstand the concentrated loads imposed by the bearers during stacking, e.g., wooden boxes and drums. Also used where little stacking is required and for storing unit loads in pallet racking when the bearers are supported by the rack framework.


Pallet design varies but they generally comprise some or all of the following components;

    • The Bearers provide the space between the top and bottom decks for entry of the forks.
    • The Deck is the top or bottom flat surface and can be either close or open boarded.
    • The Stringer is a horizontal member containing the bearers and supporting the deck.
    • Fork Entry is the space created to facilitate the entry of forks to pick up and move the pallet.
    • Wings are extensions of the deck to provide larger products to be stored on pallets. They are called wings because they protrude beyond the bearers.
    • A Chamfer is applied to the edges of the bottom deck to assist the passage of the wheels of a hand pallet truck.


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